Under this sub – section of the wording we cover those additional costs incurred as a result of damage to the building. “Damage” being the operative word.  Following damage, we will pay for the following additional costs, for example:

  • Emergency accommodation for the first 7 days, if the unit is un-tenantable
  • Fire extinguishing charges
  • Loss of rent
  • Security guards etc.

A full list of these extra covers will be discussed in our next newsletter.

Just to show how easily the policy reads, let us look at one of the other Extra covers following damage.


We will pay the reasonable cost to remove and dispose of trees and branches that have fallen onto and caused damage to the insured property.

We will not pay for the removal or disposal of tree stumps or roots.

The most we will pay is the sum insured as shown in the schedule.

Let’s explain- if you are unsure of the meaning of a word just you just have to look at the definitions, for example:

We means the insurer.

Damage means physical loss or damage caused by a single, sudden, unintentional and unexpected event, which occurs at an identifiable time.

Insured property means the building, contents and other specified items at the situation shown in the schedule.

Sum insured means the maximum amount you can claim for any one incident. The amount is shown against the item in the schedule as the Sum Insured.

Most importantly, ALL exclusions are in RED and in plain language –

nothing is hidden or ambiguous.