At CIA Building Insurance Specialists, we understand that every home has livelihood and family at its core. Its value is so much more than the replacement cost of its roof and four walls.
Offering very wide cover on an all risk basis, the Homeowners Insurance Policy enables our clients to live life without the fear of loss caused by damage to their property. Our Homeowners Insurance Policy provides cover specifically for free standing private dwellings, whether individually owned or in a company, trust or close corporation. Even your holiday home can be covered.
In addition to covering the repair or replacement of your insured property resulting from unforeseen/unintentional damage, this policy includes the following supplementary benefits:
  • Emergency accommodation should your property be uninhabitable due to damage (this applies to pets as well)
  • Loss of rent and alternative accommodation
  • Subsidence and landslide including dolomite sites
  • Home modifications following disability
  • Landscaped gardens repair
  • Appointment of temporary security to safeguard your property
  • Cover prior to property transfer
  • Unlimited geyser maintenance and replacement
  • Unlimited power surge cover
  • Unlimited theft of exterior fixtures and fittings cover
In accordance with the terms and conditions as specified in the full policy wording.
For more information on this Homeowners Insurance Policy or to complete an application, please see our downloads section below.