Anyone intrinsically involved in commercial / residential property management recognises the importance of protecting their significant investment. CIA has an almost 20-year track record of success in developing products to mitigate the risks incurred by their clients across the full spectrum of building insurance.
The CIA Building Insurance Policy provides cover on a Broadform All Risk basis for commercial, industrial and residential buildings, such as offices, schools, shopping centers, hospitals, factories and warehouses.
Natural threats such as fires, hail-storms and floods or malicious threats such as theft and arson can cause immense damage to your commercial property. The resulting loss of rental income can be a double blow to your investment.
At a glance, our Commercial Building Insurance Policy offers landlords, property developers and property managers the following cover:
  • Repair, replacement or reconstructions of your insured property resulting from unforeseen/unintentional damage
  • Loss of rental income until the building is tenanted
  • Subsidence and landslide protection
  • Sprinkler system upgrade
  • Fire extinguishing charges
  • Generator hire
  • Maintenance, gardening and cleaning equipment cover
  • Landscaped gardens repair
  • Removal of fallen trees
  • Appointment of temporary security to safeguard the property
  • Removal of water and dehumidification of building following damage by water
  • Geyser maintenance and replacement
  • Liability cover
In accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the full policy wording.
For more information on this Commercial Building Insurance Policy or to apply for this form of insurance, please see our downloads section below.