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Advice from the expert - common property part 2

In Part 1 of this series we had a look at what is common property, in this part we will be looking at Minor Alterations to common property - trustee consent.

Model Conduct Rule 4(1) reads: "The owner or occupier of a section must not, without the trustees' written consent, mark, paint, drive nails, screws or other objects into, or otherwise damage or deface a structure that forms part of the common property."

The legislator goes on to say that an owner or occupier must be considered to have trustees’ permission to install a locking or safety device to protect his section against intruders, or a screen to prevent the entry of animals or insects.

Further to this, the device or screen must be soundly built and the design, colour, style and materials must be approved by the trustees in writing.

Article courtesy of Marina Constas and Karen Bleijs Demystifying Sectional Title

In Part 3 of this newsletter we will be moving on to the more complicated improvements…