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Fidelity & Computer Crime Insurance

The Fidelity and Computer Crime Insurance Policy is based on the requirements of the Sectional Title Schemes Management and Community Schemes Ombud Services Acts, namely that “…every community scheme must insure against the risk of loss of money belonging to the community scheme…sustained as a result of any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by any insurable person.”

The CIA Fidelity Policy is augmented through additional cover provided for computer-crime related loss i.e. loss of funds due to fraudulent manipulation of a computer network. This product guarantees peace of mind to the community scheme and/managing agent through its compliance with new regulations as well as cover that addresses most of the potential criminal acts that a community scheme faces.

What's Covered?


Direct Loss

Direct financial loss of the schemes funds.


Theft & Fraud

Theft & fraud committed by scheme employees, agents or 3rd parties.


Computer Hacking

Computer hacking and data damage expenses.


Fraudulent Alteration

Fraudulent alterations and transfer instructions.

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