You can lodge a claim online (click here) or download a claim form (here) and return it to your broker together with all supporting information and documentation that may be required:


  • Take all steps to minimise your loss (i.e. turn the water mains off, phone the fire brigade).
  • Effect any emergency or temporary repairs necessary to prevent further injury, loss or damage.
  • Immediately notify the police following loss or damage by theft, attempted theft, malicious damage, violent disorder, riots or civil commotion and obtain a case reference number.
  • Take clear photos of all damage and any emergency repairs undertaken. Retain all damaged or replaced items.
  • Notify us of your claim as soon as reasonably possible after the event (online or submitting a claim form), but not later than 30 days.
  • Provide us with detailed quotations and all further information and documentation as requested.


  • Completed claim form (whether printed or completed online)
  • Clear photos of the damages being claimed for
  • Detailed quotations in respect of the damages claimed for (should the damages claimed exceed R10 000, two quotations are required)
  • For minor claims a report from the service provider confirming  the cause of damages quoted for.
  • Further information that may be requested during the assessment of the claim.


We strive to ensure claims are settled as efficiently as possible. Fastrack Geyser claims are settled within 2 working days of receiving the claim form and all relevant supporting documentation.
Other claims are settled as timeously as possible depending on the complexity of the claim and scope of work required to reinstate, repair or replace the damaged property.
For general claims assistance or queries please contact our Johannesburg office on 0861 242 777 or our Durban office on 0861 242 555
For a list of our Alphabetized Claims Contact List, please click here.
We realise that there may be occasions where you are not satisfied with the outcome of a claim or feel that the service received is not up to standard.  Should this occur, we’d please like to hear from you so that we can investigate, resolve any issues and improve our service.
  • If you have a complaint or query, the first thing to do is to speak to a CIA staff member at your local branch.
  • If your complaint relates specifically to a claim, speak with the claims consultant managing your claim.  If they are unable to resolve the matter, it will be referred to the Management for re-evaluation.
  • If you are still unhappy please submit a formal complaint in writing to  The matter will then be referred to our specialist dispute handling department who will conduct a full review and endeavour to provide you with a comprehensive response within 14 days.
  • The Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance (OSTI) is empowered to review and rule on disputes between you and us.  Their contact details appear in the schedule and you are entitled to contact their offices if you are dissatisfied with an outcome or decision we have made (you will need to be eligible under the OSTI Terms of Reference in order to pursue this avenue)