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Please have the following ready:

  • Your policy number
  • Details of the incident
  • Supporting documents e.g. quotes, invoices

Geyser Emergencies

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Claim Form Downloads

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What to do in the event of a claim

Don’t panic! This is why you have insurance - take a deep breath and follow these steps.

Step 1

If possible, try to minimise any further damage such as turning off the water mains or phoning the fire brigade.

Step 2

Where necessary, effect any emergency or temporary repairs to prevent further injury, loss or damage.

Step 3

Take photos of all the damage and any emergency repairs undertaken. Please keep all the damaged or replaced items.

Step 4

If the damage or loss was caused by theft, attempted theft, malicious damage, violent disorder, riots, or civil commotion, report the matter police as soon as possible and obtain a police case reference number.

Step 5

Notify us of your claim as soon as reasonably possible after the event (online or submitting a claim form), but not later than 31 days.

Step 6

Please send us the documentation you’ve obtained such as repair quotations, damage report detailing the cause of the loss or damage as well as photos and further information requested.

Step 7

Let us take care of the rest.